Sub-Ohm Coils

Sub-Ohm Coils

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Sub-ohm Coils

At Vape Stop the range of sub-ohm coils is top quality. Sub-ohm vaping basically means that you are vaping on a device whose atomizer coils have resistance of less than one ohm. They are meant for direct-to-lung hit in more powerful devices such as box mods or certain vape pens. This is why these coils are very popular among advanced vapers. It is crucial to note that sub-ohm vaping should be safely done. While using, you must also ensure that you don’t exceed the amperage limit of your battery as that might lead to battery failure.

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There are a number of benefits of using sub-ohm coils. With sub-ohm coils, you’ll be able to produce huge vapours, i.e., you’ll be able to blow big clouds. Sub-ohms also produce very intense flavour. After using these low-resistance coils, built with organic cotton wicking, it may be hard for you to turn back to high-resistance ceramic fibre or silica-wicked coils. Sub-ohm coils produce warm, soothing vapes. As with higher wattage comes a slightly warmer vape.

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Browse through our unbeatable collection of sub-ohm coils and pick the one you find suitable for your needs the most. Such good vaping variety at one stop is hard to find in the UAE market, but Vape Stop has it all covered for you. Not just coils, every other vaping need of yours will be matched and fulfilled here, without any hassles.