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Cafe Racer E-Liquid Review

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Cafe Racer, a company hailing from California started from humble beginnings, selling only two flavors. The company has rapidly grown into a goliath of the vaping world. The founder of the company was previously a part of another startup called Ploom who created the revolutionary PaxJuul electronic cigarette.


Inspired by the idea of vaping helping millions of smokers to kick the butt, the founder decided to launch his own brand of hand-crafted e-liquids; which laid the foundation of Cafe Racer.

Since its inception, Cafe Racer made it a point to never compromise on quality. With handcrafted prod-ucts produced in an ISO certified laboratory in California, every bottle of their e-juice goes through the highest quality standard checks. All juices are made with USP ingredients, pharmaceutical grade nicotine and are completely diacetyl free.

Slowly growing and coming into its own, the blends from the company are now sold by over 100 shops across the US and are also distributed in India, Europe, China and Indonesia. Their first flavor, the Lucky 13 was awarded the Best in Show for the Tobacco & Cigarettes category at the Houston Vape Summit, in October.

Now that we know what Cafe Racer is all about, let’s take a look at the flavors they have to offer.

Lucky 13:This flavor has a perfect RY4 style and is an effortless mix of rich Creamy Vanilla, a precise amount of Caramel and Toasted Almond. Perfect for dessert fans, the Lucky 13 can hardly be classified as a tobacco vape. The blend is so perfect that all these flavors conjoin to make a flavor like no other and unlike anything you have ever tasted before. Close your eyes and imagine a nutty, caramelized vanilla, yes, that delicious!

Peach Guzzi: Made from a mixture of four impeccable ingredients, namely crisp peach, delicious blu-eberry, combined with fresh vanilla custard with green tea undertones, now this might seem like a long stretch of adjectives and items that should not blend well, let us tell you that the Peach Guzzi takes the best of every world and creates a world of its own. If you’re a fan of fruity vapes, you have a lot of options, but with Peach Guzzi, the green tea aftertaste truly transcends it from its competitions.

Lucky Bastard: Described as a “bastardly” version of the Lucky 13, the Lucky Bastard has the same fla-vors as the aforementioned juice, but has double the tobacco intensity. The sweetness of the caramel and the vanilla feels divine to the senses and its exhale is bold, sprinkled with the taste of tobacco and toasted almonds. The flavor is bold, flavorful and another classic from Cafe Racer.

Yogurt Bomb: A flavor described as a dreamy blend of creamy yoghurt infused with Guava, Mango and a dash of Tangerine. As far as Yoghurt flavors go, this one from Cafe Racer blows everything out of the park; it’s refreshing, delicious and something you might never have tasted before. Mango and Guava dominate the flavor, and tangerine helps with a slight citrus taste, simply perfect for someone on the lookout for the best of both worlds.