Cuttwood E Liquid Review

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Cuttwood E Liquid Review

Cuttwood e liquid brand is from Irvine in California, USA, founded in the year 2014. Started out small, this is one brand that has grown and is now one of the prominent e-liquid brands. The brand has had some signature flavours with huge popularity such as Boss Reserve and Unicorn Milk Cuttwood e liquid flavours. Cuttwood is amongst the few companies that make their liquids in-house using top quality ingredients such as PG and VG. Each flavour is produced by the Cuttwood facility after a series of tests and trails, and in now available in the UAE market for purchase.

Cuttwood makes all its products with 70% VG and 30% PG, so you can expect some serious vapour when using them. Thanks to this ration used, the hit you will achieve will also be substantial. Our favourite for this brand will be the Cuttwood Boss Reserve, which packs itself in a style that will remind you of a Jack Daniels Whiskey Bottle. It smells really organic, with a hint of the sweetness of honey and ripe bananas. Our other favourite is the Unicorn Milk, for the taste of the vapour is so realistic that the first time you vape it, it will definitely blow you away. This is definitely one of the most selling e-liquids in the market right now, and it has good reason to be so.

The brand has a value and budget image, however the quality of the ingredients used and final product is of quality. Products are competitively priced, but usually a little more expensive that VGod or Nasty Juice. So while Cuttwood is more premium than the likes of Nasty Juice, but it is less premium as compared to the likes of Charlie’s Chalk Dust or Ripe Vapes. Overall, we suggest don’t go just by the outer looks and the packaging of this e juice brand, because the inside e liquid is of decent quality.