Nasty Juice E-Liquids review

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Nasty Juice E-Liquids review

Nasty Juice is an e-liquid manufacturer from Malaysia who has received enormous praise for their juic-es that are fully flavorsome. Their juices come in a form of 60ml opaque bottle with a dropper which are also leak-proof and child-proof, and their brand identity makes the brand stand out completely. The use of vivid images and designs are filled with all the typical informations that one can find on any other e-liquid bottles.

All their juices are mixed to a ratio of 70VG/30PG that provide that perfect cloud on inhaling. Currently, the brand boasts a total of 6 flavors.

Slow Blow

Slow Blow is Nasty Juice’s pineapple layered with lime soda juice which tastes exactly as refreshing as it sounds. With its mild, yet fresh taste, the liquid is surely going to be used for everyone’s daily vaping routine.

Initially, it’s hard to distinguish between the lime and pineapple as one can get caught up in the totality in the fresh fruity flavor; however, the taste of it is, completely enjoyable with a tinge of sweetness. Even though the juice is 70VG/30PG, it still feels more like 80VG because it’s simply smooth to vape.

The overall taste of this juice is clean and crisp and packs a solid punch right at the back of the throat. Lung hitting the liquid is totally refreshing as it feels like a bucket of ice water being poured in the back of your throat. However, with the lingering menthol taste, one can still feel the full force of the fruity flavors used in the mix, which helps balance the flavor.

One might find the menthol a bit overwhelming, but if taste and freshness is something you’re on the lookout for, look no further.

Fat Boy

A genius blend in its own rights, Fat Boy by Nasty Juice combines the flavors of mangoes from the East. The aroma of the mango is just the right amount, not too pungent, not at all overpowering. With the right note of sweetness topped with a hint of sourness, the flavor tastes like a minty paradise.

Mango flavors are absolutely delicious; yes, each and every one of them, but this flavor from Nasty Juice might just be the best one out there. Upon inhaling, one is greeted with an exquisitely delicious mango flavor that has a mouth-watering sweetness to it which might fool you into thinking that you’re actually eating a mango.

Again, as with the previous juice, Fat Boy’s concentration feels higher than its actual mix ratio.

ASAP Grape

ASAP Grape by Nasty Juice, as the name suggests is the combination of various grapes and berries for that delicious grape flavor. One can never get bored of this liquid as the bitter exhale taste of the grape is topped with the sweet taste of berry.

What one gets with this particular juice is the natural grape flavor topped with berries and other sweet fruits which after the initial sour taste leave you feeling like you’re in a field of juicy sweet fruits before ending with notes of chilly menthol.

As far as grape flavors are concerned, this one from the house of Nasty Juice is truly unique and stands out from the pack. You just want to stock this up.