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SMOK Vape Pen 22 Review

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Vape devices and the hardware have seen a wide array of changes which have brought a different ap-proach to vaping as a whole. On one side of the coin, there are the advanced vapers with their box mods which have intricate temperature control systems fitted with exotic coils. And on the other end are the effortless design of vapes such as the eGo kits.

Over the stretch of two years, various vape manufacturers have come up with innovative designs armed with at-par marketing efforts to boast about their all-in-one starter kits that hope to melt both sides of the aforementioned coin into one. This particular, SMOK Vape Pen 22 is the zenith of such design, it has a mere 22mm diameter which comes with a battery with a capacity of 1650mAh deliver-ing a fixed voltage (3.7 to 4.2 volts, depending on how much the battery has been drained). What dif-fers it from a typical eGo battery is the fact that this vape pen comes with a base built into the battery. The pen is armed with dual-core atomizer heads that are secured onto the base. A section fully made of glass, the glass tank fits over the device and is held by an O-ring, and a top cap with drip tip screws is screwed onto the atomizer head to complete this fully functional and easy-to-use device.

The SMOK Vape Pen is designed perfectly to cater to the demands of beginners and also vapes who want a stealthy alternative that provides a good, full sub-ohm vaping experience from a simple, small, easy-to-use package that is designed to use regular e-liquids.


The vape pen is remarkably simple and devoid of any trouble or complexity in its usage with its de-sign and operation. The device has no display screen, no extra buttons and no removable atomiser or tank. All one needs to do is screw the atomizer head onto the battery, fit the glass portion on top, fill the liquid and be ready to set sail.

Like any other vape device, one needs to press the button five times to switch the pen on or off and press the button for as long as one takes a drag, simple! As the battery drains out (which takes a lot of time to drain as the battery is 1650 mAh) you can recharge it with the included micro USB cord. Still simple.


If you’re caught in two minds about the vaping experience, you need to rest assure that the pen will most definitely be able to win over beginner vapes and keep the experienced smoker off the cigarette butts.

Since the days of the 3.2 eGo battery, all the vaping hardware has travelled a long and exciting path. This Vape Pen has a fixed LiPo battery, and is capable of providing the right amount of current power to the dual-core sub-ohm atomizer head easily and effectively. Now, a user might not win any monster cloud competitions, but the vapour production is decent and the flavour that you choose will work magically well with this device.